Royolyn Dobermans

Over the years "Royolyn" Dobermans have participated in performance sports and also in Pet Therapy. We are very proud of these dogs and their owners. Presenting ............

We are proud of our Zoie, a Thorn daughter who was a 2005 DPCA Top 20 Agility Competitor in the US. Congratulations to MACH Royolyn No Contest, MX MXJ (Zoie) who just obtained her MACH title. A fabulous accomplishment, congratulations!!! Zoie is owned, loved and trained by Giselle Jarvie

Ch Royolyn Private Promise "Summer" - Therapy Dog
Picutred below with her handler/owner Helga Levasseur at 'work' in Palm Springs.

Am Pt. Smak-Dab's Dominatrix "Trix"

Trix is owned, loved and trained by Kathy Faye of Smack Dab Dobermans.

PAIGE - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan